Board Design

DDC has designed countless boards, ranging in complexity from 28 layer large circuit cards employing large numbers of multi-gigabit links with the highest level of performance, to very small highly dense powerful, portable computing platforms for sophisticated video/image processing and communications in low power environments. DDC has interfaced to most conventional types of control interfaces (Ethernet, serial ports, USB, VME, PCI, CAN, 1553, Multibus, SDRAM, DDR, Flash, CompactFlash, servos, gyros, motors, all common bus standards), and most types of video interfaces (GigE, Cameralink, RS-170, NTSC/PAL, HOTlink, custom LVDS, etc.) and has available interface circuits and associated working knowledge.
  • Turn-key board design and board layout services
  • Prototyping to medium rate production
  • Design for test
  • High density capabilities
  • High speed capabilities
  • Small form factor
  • Low power expertise
  • Extensive video/camera interfaces
  • Extensive comm interfaces
  • Controls expertise
  • Multi-gigabit transceivers


DDC Altium Case Study