Vehicular Recorders

The DDC Video and Advanced Data Recorders (VAADR) provide real -time recording of high frame rate 16 bit hi - resolution imagery, in rugged vehicular applications such as automotive, trucking, and military ground vehicles.  They can record RAW or compressed imagery and associated meta-data (GPS, timestamp, IRIG codes, vehicular info, etc.). The RAW imagery recording and associated playback allows unprecedented advanced image analysis and processing during debriefing. They provide multiple channels, with mixed record/playback, a variety of conventional VCR type controls, and a mix of very advanced image analysis and processing during playback. Additionally, they handle metadata acquisition, synchronization, management, and display.
    • Solid state video and data recorder
    • Uses standard IDE and SATA drives (so the level of ruggedization, size and bandwidth can vary depending on what is chosen or available)
    • No special debriefing station required (records to standard formats)
    • Ability to record RAW, compressed, or compressed-lossless data
    • Enhance the data during debriefing
    • Video portability
    • Plug-and-play USB2.0
    • VAADR® Viewer Console
    • VAADR® debriefing software (VAADRView), providing instant access to the recorded video (from the VAADR or from a PC), with extensive image enhancement and data visualization capabilities
    • Imagery can be extracted for analysis by your own or other 3rd party processing and analysis
  • Contact DDC for pricing and custom form factors.