Mission Debrief Console / Ground Station

DDC created VAADRView as the viewing console for VAADR recorders and general purpose forensic image analysis. It is predominantly used to debrief video and data recorded by VAADR but it can also debrief other videos. It can also control VAADR with a plug-in. VAADRView can display metadata and overlay vehicle tracks of 2D and 3D satellite imagery simultaneously while playing back video with the sat data and video windows in lock step with each other. It provides unprecedented instant access to large amounts of video with no significant load delays for a seamless, fluid intuitive user experience.
    • Runs on any modern laptop, PC, or sever. DDC can provide the workstation, or the application for your workstation.
    • Heavily optimized for minimal footprint (for example, will work on older XP-based laptops with limited memory)
    • Instant access to almost any amount of VAADR video, whether on a VAADR, or on a PC or network server
    • Useful in looking at other’s video or imagery (not just VAADR). Can provide same fast access and processing
    • 2D and 3D visual access over satellite imagery (totally synchronized with the video, watch your vehicle move over 3D sat data while the video plays)
    • Atomic detail if desired, down to the pixel level for video, and down to the raw data for metadata
    • Handles multiple videos. Can run in lockstep, and supports image differencing, etc.
    • Color overlays and enhanced data visualizations, including false color overlays, bookmark overlays, time overlays, etc.
    • Full bookmark capability (inserted at recording time, or during debrief). Bookmarks even indicated in 3D sat data. Easily visualize where all of the interesting parts are
    • Independent of 3D satellite data enhancements, also includes full graphing of metadata: altitude, lat/long, pitch, roll, target information, etc. with current position played in lockstep as you watch your video
    • Image processing and enhancement during playback for exceptional detail extraction (when the source is raw or lossless)
    • Many codecs to handle a wide variety of video sources (including a fully configurable customizable interface for handling RAW from almost any camera that provides it)
    • Plugin capable, extensible. What processing do you need on your video? How can we help?
  • Contact DDC for pricing and custom form factors.