Video and Advanced Data Recorder (VAADR)

The DDC line of Video and Advanced Data Recorders (VAADR) provide real -time recording of high frame rate 16 bit hi – resolution imagery, in rugged applications, or in the lab or other industrial or vehicular settings.  It can record RAW or compressed imagery and associated meta-data (GPS, timestamp, IRIG codes, vehicular info, etc.). The RAW imagery recording and associated playback allows unprecedented advanced image analysis and processing during debriefing. They can provide multiple channels, with mixed record/playback, a variety of conventional VCR type controls, and a mix of very advanced image analysis and processing during playback. Additionally, they handle metadata acquisition, synchronization, management, and display. There are several models, and several applications.

Airborne applications

Ground applications

Naval applications

Ground/debriefing station


Ruggedized Airborne, Multi-Channel
Ruggedized Vehicular, Multi-Channel Video
Ruggedized  Maritime, Multi-Channel Video
Advanced RAW video enhancement tools with Google Earth integration