Digital Design Corporation (DDC) designs and develops custom electronic products for customers, in the fields of Audio Processing, Video/Image Processing, Radios and communications, Networking, Solid State Video and data Recorders, telecom, and many others.  Below is a summary of  DDC's current products, many of which can be a launch point for customer products, applications, and research. DDC also offers a wide variety of intellectual property in these fields which can be incorporated into and enhance our customers’ product designs. Specialties are in video/imaging systems and communications, and our own products serve military, industrial, research, and automotive needs.

High Bandwidth Video/Data Recording Products & Solutions

ClearTECH Suite

Network Products & Solutions


Image Enhancement
Video and Advanced Data Recorders (VAADR)
ClearTECH Boards Implement real-time image enhancements
Boards, IP, and network products...
FPGA, ASIC and Board IP
The DDC Video and Advanced Data Recorders (VAADR) provide real -time recording of high frame rate or high bandwidth 16 bit hi or low - resolution imagery, in rugged applications, or in the lab or other industrial settings. There are many models. It can record RAW or compressed imagery and associated meta-data (GPS, timestamp, IRIG codes, vehicular info, etc.). It is a compact rugged recorder line that is extensively used in airborne and vehicular applications.
ClearTECH  image enhancement solutions tap into the unrealized capability of IR and other cameras.  DDC has a full line up of IP including NUC, BPR, AGC, image stabilization, super-res, fusion,  LAP, tracking, and many others.  ClearTECH  solutions provide superior imagery because DDC taps into the RAW sensor data - accessing the full dynamic range. The solutions consist of circuit boards, embeddable IP, or systems suited for your needs.
DDC has extensive experience in developing solutions that flow large amounts of optimized information through a network, including video, audio, wireless, high bandwidth, low-latency, etc.. We understand network interfaces, most major protocols and stacks, traffic management, and have developed countless solutions for various applications. We have extensive experience with network programming, drivers, embedded applications, and all types of networks.
DDC has an extensive library of Intellectual Property that enables us to provide solutions at lower cost, in less time, and with deterministic success.  The IP library is world-class, constantly being augmented, improved, and expanded, and is meant to facilitate high quality with low customer product development time. We specialize in image enhancement, camera interfacing and recording in general, codecs, networking, communications, interfacing in general, data transport, and peripherals.