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Brian J. Donahoe

As Founder and President of DDC, I've found that our key value statement is making solid relationships based on successful projects. Please feel free to take a look around the site and call if you have a specific project in mind, or would like to see our extensive demos and technology at our facility. Our large team of very experienced engineers, our deep knowledge in video/image processing, transport, and recording, and our stable of mature IP portfolio may make all the difference in your application, and/or greatly accelerate your time-to-market with a high quality offering. For interested clients, we always extend a welcome to our Arlington Heights facility for a tour.

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Who we are

Digital Design Corporation is a design organization committed to providing best-in-class craftsman digital design services and products for various industries (military, medical, industrial, and automotive). We architect, design, and implement chips, associated boards and software, and the systems which encompass them.


DDC has expert knowledge in implementing  SOCs, ASICs, FPGAs, PLDs, circuit boards, driver software, microcode, and embedded processors, etc., and in SOC/ASIC/FPGA/board design flows, EDA tools and in dealing with ASIC foundries and back end processes. With average experience being over 20 years, and over 12 years of operation, DDC is committed to the creation of high quality digital circuits, products, and software.


DDC will bid whole projects, whole chips, whole boards, or will just be members of a project team. The team specializes in video image processing, communications (networking, telecom, cellular, satcom, etc.), DSP, audio, interfaces, etc., especially as they apply to digital implementations.


DDC designs and develops custom electronic products in the fields of Audio Processing, Video/Image Processing, Telemetry, Solid State storage, Video and Data Recorders. Also, DDC offers a wide variety of intellectual property in these fields which can be incorporated into and enhance customers’ product designs.