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Board, Chip, Software, System
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Fighter jets, UAVs, Naval, ground vehicles, man-portable
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Driver assist, Imaging, Recording, Interfaces
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Video/Image enhancement, Interface, Graphics
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CT, MRI, PET, imaging, biomed

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DDC specializes in cutting edge embedded electronics, particularly high bandwidth, high complexity, or extremely small size, weight, and power (SWaP).  Our technology is hardware accelerated and massively parallel, and we specialize in implementing algorithms that enable higher performance, higher quality, and lower cost. When a project is leading edge, novel, or complex, companies turn to DDC.
DDC has an extensive engineering team, with engineer's average experience over 20 years.  DDC has a store of Intellectual Property (IP) that can be deployed in client applications - increasing performance, and reducing costs, cycle time, and risk. Experience and IP makes DDC a valued partner when working on the most complex, custom, or demanding FPGA, SoC, DSP, and ASIC applications.
DDC is a trusted resource for some of the largest players in the military, medical, automotive, industrial, and other markets as well as small players looking to innovate.  In every case our objective is to establish a true value statement for our clients, and in the delivery of top quality solutions.
DDC works with a wide range of customers, partners, and vendors, who have high expectations and desire craftsmen quality solutions for themselves or their customers. DDC is generally integral as a lead developer/integrator, an elite leader, or a significant contributor in its partners ecosystems.

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VAADR Video & Data Recorders
VAADR Video & Data Recorders
ClearTech Image Enhancement Solutions
Advanced Network Products and Solutions

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System Design




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